About Us

We have a heart to be a place of welcome, love and care where hope is found and lives transformed. We have an exciting, life-changing story to tell!

Rotorua Baptist was birthed  80 years ago (in July). We are a contemporary church for all ages.  We love to worship the one true God being guided by the biblical word and the Holy Spirit. We are all on a journey, growing in faith and authenticity, and encouraged to discover, use and share our giftings,  so we can be all God has called us to be. 

We are real in our approach as we do life together. We want to be continually growing. We love Jesus, each other and our community. We have a heart for mission, locally and across the world. We want to grow and know Him more.  We believe in the power of prayer.  

We want to journey with and invest in people to bring freedom, hope, growth and courage through practical, emotional and spiritual support.

He waka eke noa - We are all in this together.

We are a member of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand.

Our Vision - to be continually growing.

We have been listening and sharing our individual and collective vision for RBC - the leadership team have prayerfully and carefully pulled all the thoughts and God-dreams together. Our catch-phrase is CONTINUALLY GROWING. This is our filter and guide for our ministry planning and outworking. We want to be continually growing more and more in love with Jesus, growing in faith, discipleship, stewardship, friendship, connections, life-groups, worship gathering, impact on and serving in the community and support of one another. 

We are excited to see how God is going to use us and move through us. Please feel free to talk with anyone in the Pastoral /leadership team about your hopes, vision and dreams for RBC.