Who's who


Rotorua Baptist is led by Pastor Angus Budge alongside a ministry team made up of Wendy Budge, Assistant Pastor and Grace Hartley, Youth Pastor. 

Neil McCullum (chair), Martyn Norrie, Greg Manzano, Matt Pepper, Jessica Lee and Maree Rauhala are the Leadership team.

Together they provide governance, pastoral and spiritual oversight and direction. They journey closely and support the ministries and ministry leaders within the church.  

The management/operations team is made up of Andrew Dunningham, Mike Power (treasurer), Hamish Lee and Yohan Benjamin. This team provides oversight of Church operations and property management.

Our office manager is Karan Allen. 



    Pastor - Angus Budge

    Angus is married to Wendy and they have four adult children (2 sons and 2 daughters).

    Scots heritage and proud of it.  Ex-lawyer, loves all sport - mostly from the couch or sideline these days, average golfer and keen fisherman - desperate to know how to actually catch them! (All tips are welcomed).

    Angus loves hanging out with his family, sharing stories with folk over coffee or a meal, absolutely loves the Church - God's gathered community, and loves Rotorua with its friendly people and beautiful nature. You will often find him in the kitchen cooking his famous Paella or a warmly spiced curry. And he's even pretty good at the dishes too.

    “My desire is to persuasively communicate God's love and to see lives transformed". 

    CONTACT: 021 2636 427  angus@rotoruabaptist.org.nz

  • Wendy b

    Assistant Pastor - Wendy Budge

    Married to Angus and they have four adult children: Hugh, Callum, Meg and Allie.

    Trained as a nurse but has more recently worked in management and ministry roles. 

    She loves spending time with people and enjoys hospitality on all levels (the gathering of people, the cooking, the eating), coffee, exercising with the family dog, art, design, fashion and a good movie! And her favourite thing of all, is hanging out with the family.

    Wendy has a special interest and experience in women's ministry, facilitating events and spiritual retreats and is part of a movement called bravelove.

    ‘’My desire is to see people thrive and walk in fullness, wholeness and obedience, knowing that even through the ups and downs of life - they are loved to bits by a great big God.” 

     CONTACT: 021 2636 423  wendy@rotoruabaptist.org.nz

  • GraceYouth Pastor - Grace Hartley 

    Married to Elisha who she met while studying at Carey Baptist College.

    Originally from Auckland but loves living in Rotorua and exploring all of the different things to do here. 

    She loves spending time with her family and friends, coffee (as long as it is dairy-free) and adventuring to new and different places with Elisha and anyone else who is up for a long drive. She loves cooking, entertaining and playing around in the kitchen.

    "My desire is to see teenagers (and ultimately everyone) understand their identity in Christ, knowing that they are loved unconditionally and have a place to belong in His home".

    CONTACT: 021 024 42510 grace@rotoruabaptist.org.nz 
  • IMG 8199

     Neil McCullum (Chair)

    Married to Ruth and have 4 adult children and 10 Grandchildren - all who are following their faith and attend church. Neil has been attending Rotorua Baptist Church for over 30  years and was baptised not far away - in Whakatane.

    He owns and runs a very busy small business employing 3.5 staff.          

     “My desire to be obedient to all that God tells me to do".

  • greg m

    Greg Manzano

    Married to Frocy and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

    Greg and his family migrated to New Zealand in 1995 from the Philippines and have been attending Rotorua Baptist Church  for almost 12 years now.

    Greg is a chartered engineer and works for a local authority involved in the planning and management of core infrastructure services delivery to the community.

    My desire is to see the church grow in quantity and quality and become an agent of positive change to the community.”


  • Jessica

    Jessica Lee

    Married to Hamish Lee.

    Hairdressing now for 5 1/2 yrs and currently 2IC at the Salon she works at.

    She loves spending time with family and friends and loves hospitality, entertaining, cooking and baking. She has a passion for hair, makeup, fashion and loves a good long soak in a bath or hot pool. Jess has been at RBC since she was 9yrs old after coming back from the mission field with her family in 2005. She serves in the sound box at church doing digital media along side her husband and the rest of the team.

    "My desire is to see a new vibrancy come to the church, for church to grow and be inviting for new and current church goers and for relationships to be strengthened with God and friends".


  • Martyn Norrie portfolio 2

    Martyn Norrie

    Martyn has been married to Marg for 46 years and have 4 married children and 9 grandchildren.  They love to visit us at Lake Okareka enjoying water sports, mountain biking and all the other great things available in the Rotorua area.  They look forward to their family visiting.

    He continues to be involved in the governance of charitable trusts and is currently chair Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand and Te Hahi Aotearoa.  These two charities reflect his  belief that we need to go to where people are, rather than expect them to come to our churches.  He has always been passionate about mentoring - helping others to aspire to be the very best that they can be.

    "My desire is to see Rotorua Baptist Church become a thriving church, effective in reaching those in our community.  I would like to see our buildings reimagined to better serve our mission - this is a work in progress".


  • Matt photo 002

    Matt Pepper

    Matt is married to Louise and they have three children: Keegan, Lucy and Aaron. Aaron is the only one left at home and attends John Paul College.

    He has a background in management and has been dairy farming for a number of years. He will happily tell you all the benefits of drinking lots of milk and eating lots of cheese.

    Matt likes to be continually learning (just started guitar lessons!) and keeping active by regularly mountain biking in the Redwoods, adventure racing or heading to the beach.

    "I have a desire to be an obedient disciple, and to take joy in being part of a growing and thriving church community".

  • maree v2

    Maree Rauhala

    Maree has been married to Ilkka for 27 years – 10 of those they have resided in Asia doing mission work. Maree and Ilkka have three adult children, one son-in-law and two grandchildren.

    Maree has a background in banking, administration and ESOL teaching. She currently works part-time from home, as the Funding Co-Ordinator for a local NPO working with at-risk youth.

    In her spare time Maree loves to get outside in the forest, beach or play in the garden.

    Maree is part of the kids church team.

    "My desire is to always be ready to direct others to Jesus".
  • IMG 3876

    Office Manager - Karan Allen

    Karan has worked in the office since March 2017 and has been a member of RBC since the 1980s.

    When not at work, Karan enjoys doing a variety of craftwork and is a member of Toastmasters. Karan writes a monthly prayer calendar and is involved in leading the corporate prayer meetings. 

    “My desire is to  become a better public speaker.”

     CONTACT: 07 3485 263 office@rotoruabaptist.org.nz

  • IMG 8208 v2

    Treasurer - Mike Power

    Mike is a retired accountant and worked with Serving in Mission (SIM) for 46 years.

    He enjoys doing small accounting jobs, cryptic crosswords, pastoral care, and elementary bible studies. Mike leads a weekly small group and is actively involved in the life of the church. 

    ‘My desire is to use my skills by assisting in the financial side of the church and help people know Jesus”.

Pastoral care elders

Murray and Kathy Dillner, Rob and Jan Bellingham, Chris and Barbara Thomson.

Ministry leaders

Music team: Tim Vautier. 

Children and family: Jennifer Lee.

Creche: Ruth McCullum

Intermediates: Helen Ramsdale

Kitchen and hospitality: Lyn Hughes

Newcomers: Val Thomson

Connection: Diny Snijders

Technology: Hamish and Jess Lee

Meet n Eat: Lyn Hughes and Diny Snijders

Mainly music: Jenny Lee

Te hahi: Robyn Currie and Ann Lawrence

Overseas mission: Bronwyn Schick

BMF: Mike Power

Local mission/Alpha: Murray and Kathy Dillner

Prayer: Karan Allen and Ann Clausen