Men & Women's Ministries

Men’s Ministries

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Leader: John Penman.

We think it is great to gather together over good food and good conversation. It gives us an opportunity to deepen our faith and friendships.  We have regular events and activities which usually involves eating, sharing stories and good banter. There is sometimes a bit of action and always a lot of fun!

You are welcome to bring mates.

Watch out for advertisements and/or contact the Office for further details.


Women's Ministries

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Leader: Wendy Budge

We believe we need to have fun and time together to grow in our faith journeys, build friendships  and to do life well. We have regular events, which include a time of teaching and sharing, and often themed : from high teas, to curry nights, to movies, to bike rides and/or walks in the Redwoods and of course, most events involve coffee and cake.

The annual day retreat is not to be missed! 

"We are called to be brave. We thrive when we stand together, cheering each other on to step faithfully into all God has for us". WB

We welcome you and your friends to join in on these special events. 


Combined social activities

Our catchphrase is "we are better together" -  so that means we like to hang out together because we know it makes us better people- fun activities are always on the calendar or in the planning/dreaming stages. You are welcome to share any ideas you have to help make our events and activities fabulous.

Watch out for the advertisements and/or contact the office for further details