Karakia - Prayer

We love to pray. God loves us to pray.

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We have a confidential prayer chain as part of our Pastoral care, led by Ann Clausen. Please contact Ann or the church office

Corporate and personal prayer is an important part of our church. 

You are welcome to join us.

  • 11 am everyday, we are encouraged to stop wherever we are and pray for the Pastors Angus and Wendy Budge, the leadership team and the Church.
  • 9 am Sunday before the service - front lounge/creche.
  • 3rd Tuesday/month morning - Women in touch through prayer group.
  • 1st Monday/month at 12:45 pm 
  • corporate prayer meetings - look out for the advertisements.
  • LIFE-GROUPS - prayer is an important part of life-groups. 

Please refer to newsletter or office for further details.      

Sunday services

The Pastors and prayer team are always available after the Sunday services to pray with you. We also encourage you all to pray for and with each other. This is a house of prayer!